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Improving the Social and Economic Impact of Energy Investments in Sierra Leone through Enhanced Social Value Creation, Capacity-Building, and Decision Support

Project launch meeting and workshop:

New Brookfields Hotel
Jomo Kenyatta Rd. Freetown, Sierra Leone
November 12-13, 2019

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Facilitating Energy Innovation

Today’s energy transitions are bringing about the largest transformation of global industrial systems in over a century. Our goal is to help communities and organizations understand and manage the human complexity of these changes through research into the social, political, and economic drivers, dynamics, and outcomes of energy innovation.

Ending Energy Poverty

Robust energy access is critical to poverty alleviation and social and economic development for more than 1 billion people worldwide. Working with grassroots partners, we work to integrate technologies into strategies that advance long-term, bottom-up energy development pathways and reliably deliver not just electrons or fuel but also high levels of social value.

Design for Social Benefit

Energy systems are integral to many societal objectives, including prospects for sustainable, resilient, thriving, and just human futures. We work with communities and organizations to develop innovative approaches to energy design that provide for integrative socio-technical solutions that ensure that future energy systems advance diverse societal goals.

Poverty Eradication Through Energy Innovation

Clark Miller,* Nigel Moore,^ Carlo Altamirano-Allende,* Nafeesa Irshad,* and Saurabh Biswas*
*Grassroots Energy Innovation Laboratory, Center for Energy & Society, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Arizona State University ^Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy, University of Waterloo

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